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Videographer is ready to record the big jump!
Another successful capture of skydiving near California!
Don't forget your skydiving video for your very first skydive; you'll be disappointed!

Share the adventure of your lifetime with your loved ones!

Your very first skydiving experience in Napa Valley is a bit of your life that you will never want to forget. While the thought may last in your head eternally, you will never be able to re-watch that shocking day without a tandem video package ! Not only will you get to recall the moment whenever you want, but you can share the elevation of your first skydive with friends and family, as well! Don't forget to inquire about our skydiving video package when you call 661-241-0909 to book your skydive reservation!

Just before take-off and also as the plane ascends you will capture your thought and feelings for posterity with the cameramen from our affiliate network. They or she will film your point-of- view from the start to the very end of your jump. Smile at the camera! The moment the parachute opens, the videographer will leave you for a few so he or she can capture your landing The videographer will interview you after landing so think up a little something to say that will be meaningful to wrap up your once-in- a-lifetime adventure. Check skydiving off your bucket list! Your skydiving footage is officially filmed and will be accompanied by the soundtrack that you selected Just make sure that when you make your booking you request a videographer on the date of your jump to assure availability.