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Do you think about having your very first solo jump? If so, you'll love learning to become a licensed solo skydiver at Skydiving Near Napa Valley freefall school!

Earning the right to be a certified skydiver is easier than you are aware of! You will start by going through a 7 to 8 level Accelerated Free Fall school that teaches you all that you need to know about skydiving in Napa Valley. During the entire process, you will have trained skydiving coaches making sure that every maneuver taught is properly performed while in free fall. Each level requires that you understand the maneuvers and techniques taught and execute them successfully prior to moving on to the next.Level one of the certification process will introduce you to body position, turns, altitude awareness, parachute deployment and canopy control. You will start with a 5 to 6 hour ground school that will go over each and every technique that you are to perform during your first solo skydive in Napa Valley.

About Our Accelerated FreeFall Program

For the duration of the initial three dives a Accelerated Freefall Student is attended to by two certified trainers during their free fall up until their parachute release. These initial category skydives are called "Harness Hold Training," due to the Skydive Georgia AFF instructors' no physical connection to the trainee aside from the their own grasp. After the student's have released their parachutes and begin to descend, the instructors will also deploy and land individually.

The freedom of releasing their own parachute is a sensation all new trainees are able to experience on their preliminary dives. However, there are several safety measures taken to ensure a safe touchdown for each trainee. At the first sign of trouble releasing their chute, the instructors use hand cues first, advising the student to pull their cord. If the student still has trouble, trainers physically place the student's hand on the pilot chute, after which the instructor can manually deploy the parachute if needed, a right they reserve at any point during the dive, using the main pull handle or a number of supporting handles on the student's equipment for the instructor's access.

Once the student has demonstrated they can release their own canopy on their first few jumps, they will be permitted to take more advanced level skydives and will have the chance to demonstrate to our coaches that they have the fundamental flying capabilities required to skydive without guidance. With the higher level jumps, the coach may not be able to get hold of the student and assist so displaying the ability to pull one's own parachute is essential. The student is required to have a firm understanding of these techniques.

The Accelerated Freefall Program is, undoubtedly, the most safe and secure skydiving educational training in the United States. The instructor has a "hard deck" where they must pull their parachute and save their own life. This is a minimum elevation that all divers are made aware of to prevent instructor injury. The student rig is equipped with an "Automatic Activation Device" (AAD) that fires the reserve parachute once the trainee passes the activation altitude at free fall velocities. Although the AAD feature is scarcely used, each student's safety is of utmost importance and it functions as a necessary precaution.

In training, every Skydiving Near Napa Valley student's understanding of skills learned in the previous AFF level will establish the length of time it takes to progress to the next. Using hand cues and ground instruction each training coach will primarily correct and aid the trainee in accomplishing each procedure. On the ground, an instructor has the opportunity to review the mistakes a student may make in air. This permits every trainee to not only observe and feel the appropriate body positions but to also discuss how to implement them on the next jump. Later categories consist of only one trainer, and consist of the student being asked to perform a series of aerial procedures, including turns, flips and fall rate control, demonstrating that the student can regain control after a period of instability.

Once the student has passed all "Targeted Learning Objectives" (TLOs,) the instructor is then able to validate that all criteria have been met. Aerial instructors are not the only coaches assisting students at Skydiving Near Napa Valley. We also have dropzone personnel who stay in radio contact with the trainee while they are flying their parachute. In case of radio malfunction, however, it is vital that the student knows the essential skills of flying under canopy.

Start Solo Skydiving!

A USPA application to sign up is given to each AFF student. Skydiving Near Napa Valley encourages all students to sign up prior to their certification program has ended. Begin earning your A License! Call Skydiving Near Napa Valley at 661-241-0909 right now!